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First the Real one ;

Driven by Steve McQueen in the famous 1968 film Thomas Crown Affair


Now - The Replica

The Crown Corvair.

Based on an early VW shortened pan - the body is a copy of a Mayers Manx and has been modified to replicate the actual car. Extended sida panels - Wrap around Screen - Sunken Head lamps - Rear Cover.

As a consequence of all these mods a new dash had to be made - The fuel tank modified extensivly - and a bulk head fitted.

The Engine is a 65 Corvair  built by Rafee corvair in Wister Oklohom. The heads were ported and polished and new valve seats addes. The engine was overbored twenty thou. and all new pistons and bearings fitted - HP around 170. The Engine is fitted with reverse rotation cams and distributor drive - to save having to turn the GBox over.

The Dials are Stewart Warner Green Lines - as per the oringinal car. It is fitted with Torque thrust wheels and road legal tires.

The Gear box is a strengthened ex drag racing unit - and I hope will stand up to the requirement.

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